Dog Boarding

We offer our clients the opportunity to board their dog in a safe and comfortable home atmosphere. All our boarders remain in our home.

They will enjoy a free and safe environment away from cages and kennels. Your dog will be treated as our own (loved and pampered) with our full attention.

Personalised diet. We will offer your dog a range of food from the Burns Nutritional line. If your pet is on a special diet, we can provide home cooked meals or the food of your choice.

You are advised to bring your pet's bed or favourite toys so they have something familiar while away from home.

We will of course provide your dog with two long walks a day and if necessary wash and groom your dog for you while you are away.

If you wish, we can send you photos and updates of your dog's activities for your peace of mind!

We board a maximum of four dogs and do not accepts non nuted males, Staffies and bull breeds. Your dog will be assessed before being accepted for boarding.

PRICES: from £35.00 a day. Bank Holiday from £40.00

For dog boarding in Battersea, London, call Barking Betty on 07854 118 700
or 020 8127 8635

dogs boarding in battersea